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School Profile

Founded by Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception in 1930, Tak Sun Kindergarten is a non-profit making school. It has been sponsored by East Asian Educational Association (EAEA) since 1993. A charity incorporated in Hong Kong, EAEA, based on the Catholic principles and ideals, is dedicated to the educational cause in Hong Kong and other regions throughout the world. The association also sponsors Tak Sun School and Tak Sun Secondary School.

Our Curriculum

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We put much emphasis on moral education. In addition to regular assembly on moral education, we teach students the right values and attitudes for working and dealing with others such as cleanliness and tidiness, politeness, responsibility, sharing and so on. These are the essential qualities that can lead our students to the right direction of life. We also have a Sunday school that promotes spiritual-religious formation in an easy and relaxing way. Parents of K2 and K3 students are welcome to enroll their children in these classes.

Teaching and learning

We adopt a thematic approach and create interesting activities for our students to learn by experience, namely visits, discussion and exploration. They are able to acquire knowledge and learn how to cooperate with others and solve problems in a lively and cheerful atmosphere, in which, their learning motivation and interpersonal and communication skills could be enhanced. This approach can also facilitate the development of divergent thinking and ability to analyze and make judgement. It helps develop early childhood potential, enables our children to grow with confidence and sociability, and paves the way for their further education.


Continuous assessment with on-going observation, records and analysis of children’s overall performance at school.

Language acquisition

Chinese: Develop children’s language abilities through listening, games and interaction. Also encourage reading and cultivate good reading habits by organizing reading programs and parent-child reading activities.

Putonghua: Our children can gain exposure to Putonghua in a wide range of everyday doings including story-telling and discussion.

English: Enhance children’s interest in English through games, songs and dramas.  Also give them a brief introduction of phonics.

Arts and physical education

A variety of musical, arts and physical activities are provided to train our children’s motoring skills, stimulate their creativity, and develop their aesthetic sense.

Moral and social development

Teach our students how to behave properly and establish relationship with others through biblical stories and daily events at school. They are encouraged to practice a virtue consistently in a particular period of time so as to reinforce such value and attitude.

Preparing for primary one admission

We organize visits for our K3 students to Tak Sun School, which share the same campus with our kindergarten. Taster lessons are provided so that they can better prepare for their primary school life and a smooth transition is ensured. There are also seminars for parents, who will be given the primary school background and support for school selection. About 60% of our boy graduates continue their primary education in Tak Sun School.

School activities

We hold different school activities, including outings and visits, birthday parties, festivals and celebration, family picnics, parent-child games day, parent-child reading and so on.

Extra-curricular activities

Sunday school, Saturday interest classes and summer courses are offered.

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