Fees and charges

Fees and charges

School fees and
other costs for 2022-2023

School fees


Other education-related costs  
Summer uniform $121 (boys) 、$131 (girls)
Summer sports uniform $109 (boys and girls)
Summer jacket $98 (boys and girls)
Winter uniform $199 (boys) 、$209 (girls)
Winter jacket $153 (boys and girls)
School blazer, sweater and winter jacket $540 (boys and girls)
School bag $81
Books and materials  
K1 $722.4 (1st term)  $709.5 (2nd term)
K2 $857.4 (1st term)  $698.8 (2nd term)
K3 $1,102.6 (1st term)  $460.7 (2nd term)
Art supplies $ 50 each term

*Purchase is made on a voluntary basis. Parents can decide on their own according to their individual needs.